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Buyer Supplier is a web based program for businesses that connects both buyers and sellers in Eastern Iowa to promote and facilitate regional purchasing. Over $6.3 billion is being spent on goods and services from vendors located outside of eastern Iowa that could be spent in the region. The goal of Buyer Supplier is to encourage businesses to make 5% of their purchases from regional providers, shifting dollars back into the regional economy. Businesses of all types and sizes are encouraged to take part in the program; from small organic produce farmers, to large coporations.

Looking for ways to expand your business?

Step 1: Register your company.

Step 2: Complete your profile.

Step 3: Start browsing company profiles.

Step 4: Check the RFP page and Quick Quote page often for new sales opportunities.

What do we have to lose?

$6.3 billion, yes, that's $6,300,000,000.

All of those dollars could be spent inside the region, but for some reason it isn't happening, yet.

Do your part.

If we each shift just 5% back into the regional economy, we can have a big impact.

$316 million, yes, $316,000,000